What is Gentle Hair Removal?

Gentle Hair Removal is a laser treatment targeting the hair follicles at the root for permanent hair reduction for all skin types. Gentle Hair Removal is easy on your skin, delivering results with less discomfort.

Get smooth legs for life without the cost and hassle of shaving. Why shave when you can save? A woman shaves her legs 11,500 times during her life and spends an estimated €10,000* on shaving. Gentle laser hair removal treatment is faster and more comfortable than standard laser hair removal treatment.

Discover how Gentle hair removal works and how it stacks up against conventional hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing. See the advancements that have made Gentle the next stage in laser hair removal and get information you can use to determine which Gentle laser hair removal treatment is right for you!

GentleLase Pro represents the re-imagination of the aesthetic industry’s premier laser for removing hair, epidermal pigmented lesions and vascular anomalies from leg and facial veins to hemangiomas—as well as reducing wrinkles.


It’s faster and loaded with advanced features that continue to deliver superior results and earn the trust of patients worldwide.

Gentle Laser Hair Removal that combines the power you need with speed and comfort you can trust, no matter what your skin type! Gentle is the laser hair removal treatment that's safe and effective for all skin types! It's powerful enough to deliver great results, and with our patented Dynamic Cooling DeviceTM and fast treatment times, it's the most comfortable laser hair removal available.

Gentle Hair Removal laser targets the hair follicle at the root, delivering a burst of gentle energy and therapeutic heat to provide permanent hair reduction over the course of a few treatments. In additional  super-fast treatment times, Gentle Hair Removal ensures additional comfort through its patented Dynamic Cooling DeviceTM, which uses cooling bursts of liquid cryogen for the most gentle laser hair removal treatment available today!